Letters Home

As much information as possible is sent out via the weekly Newsletters each Friday and copies of these can be accessed via the Newsletters tab – any additional letters sent home will be posted on this page.

Looking for letters for Friends of High Firs events or from FHF?  Some of these are on their own page – click on the Friends of High Firs tab.

11.10.17 IOW18 Payment Schedule

06.10.17 Reception Parent Consultations

06.10.17 Yr1 Parent Consultations

06.10.17 Yr2 Parent Consultations

06.10.17 Yr3 Parent Consultations

06.10.17 Yr4 Parent Consultations

06.10.17 Yr5 Parent Consultations

06.10.17 Yr6 Parent Consultations

28.09.17 FHF Ice Skating at Ruxley Manor

14.09.17 Yr6 visit to Horton Kirby

13.09.17 Yr5 visit to Kent Life

13.09.17 Yr4 visit to Hall Place

05.09.17 Club Autumn Term

11.7.17 Yr5 & Yr6 Residential Trip Isle of Wight 2018 Initial Interest

15.06.17 Pantomime Letter

15.06.17 KS1 Pantomime Consent Form

15.06.17 KS2 Pantomime Consent Form

21.05.17 Yr5 Kent Test Assessment Information Sept 2017 & Admission to Secondary School Sept 2018

22.05.17 Cycling to School

19.05.17 Attendance Letter