Our Staff

Headteacher: Mr C Turtle
Deputy Headteacher / SENCO: Miss C Rennie
Class Teachers
Reception: Miss E Allen
Year 1: Mrs L Everest
Year 2: Mrs E Payne (Senior Teacher)
Year 3: Miss R Selby
Year 4: Mrs L McCabe & Miss C Rennie
Year 5: Mrs R Ford
Year 6: Miss A Allin
Cover Teachers
Mrs E Bridle
Mrs J Greenaway
Mrs C Hamilton
On Maternity Leave
Miss N Durrant
Mrs T O’Dwyer
Mrs S Jarvis
Mrs L Ives
Ms J Verge
We are committed to safeguarding.
Our Designated Child Protection Coordinators are:
Mr C Turtle
Miss C Rennie
Miss N Durrant (on Maternity Leave)
If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding, please contact one of the above staff.
Teaching Assistants
Mrs J Daniels
Mrs C Dedu
Mrs K Drewett
Mrs D Halil
Ms P Kelly
Mrs D McCullough
Ms D McMahon
Mrs E Miles
Mrs S Phipps
Mrs L Spokes
Mrs E Walford
Pastoral Care
Mrs J Hassell
Family Worker
Ms J Yandle
Office Staff
Office Administrator (Finance & Personnel): Mrs E Barnett
Office Administrator (Pupils & Admissions): Mrs S Loftus
Office Administrator: Mrs J Rumsey
Premises Staff
Mrs S Madden
Mr J Payne
Midday Supervisors
Mrs J Boreham
Mrs A Gibbins
Mrs T Morgan
Mrs D Shanmugham
Mrs L Spokes
Mrs E Walford
Mrs A Warner
Mrs M Weale (Senior Supervisor)
Principals Catering
Mrs T Perkins
Breakfast Club
Ms M Bailey
Mrs K Drewett
Mrs A Warner
Mr J Webb
After School Club
Ms M Bailey
Mrs J Daniels
Mrs T Kumah
Mrs D McCullough
Mrs  M Weale

Further school workforce information is also available on the government’s Schools Financial Benchmarking Service.  Click here.