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Meet the teacher 2017


Reception’s Dinosaur Adventure

Two weeks ago, all of our dinosaurs went missing!! We were so shocked and made missing posters!


We then received a message in a bottle from a faraway island and a special delivery of a book called Tom and the island of Dinosaurs.

We found out that all of our Dinos had travelled to an island with a volcano on it and were helping a little girl called Katy.

We found out what a volcano is and then made our own…we even made it explode!

After a long time our dinosaur returned to the classroom and they bought a special delivery…REAL dinosaur eggs!


We were so excited and thought of lots of different ways we could look after them. We knew that we had to be pretty quiet and thought that it would be a good idea to only stroke them in case we cracked the eggs. We also decided that they would love to listen to stories, especially ones about dinosaurs so we wrote and read stories to them.

This week we discovered that they had hatched! But we could not find the baby dinosaurs anywhere…until…we received this ‘CCTV’ footage of the Mummy dinosaur coming to collect her babies!

Click on the picture to watch the dinosaur in our classroom (Right click to save and then open with VLC Media Player or similar)

We were really excited that the T-Rex had been in our classroom, although we were a little sad that we did not get to see the baby dinosaurs for ourselves. We understood that they would be a bit too big for our classroom so instead we now have an incubator with duck eggs in and are crossing our fingers and toes for some little ducklings in the next month!

(A big thank you to the Friends of High Firs for purchasing the incubator that has meant that we can have this exciting opportunity 🙂