Information to 8th March


We are aiming for the children who are in school to have “business as usual” as much as possible, even though there is a smaller number of them! The measures and processes already in place last term will therefore remain the same –

  • Uniform to be worn. However, please note that as we are currently required to ensure that all our rooms are well-ventilated with fresh air that your child may wish to “layer up” under their uniform if you think they may feel chilly!
  • Continue to bring in book bag / lunch box / water bottle etc
  • Packed Lunch will need to be provided as school lunches are not available at the moment.
  • Wear PE kit on PE days (see days below as a reminder)
  • Drop-off 8.30am to 8.55am and Collect 2.50pm to 3.20pm
  • Breakfast Club & After School Club will run as normal
  • Our handwashing and cleaning routines also continue!

Children will continue to be placed in their usual classes with our established “bubble” arrangements maintained for children and staff.  Our class teachers will be working hard to plan, provide and assess learning for children at home, and to maintain contact with them, as well as undertaking their usual teaching & pastoral duties with the children who are in school.  In order that teachers can undertake this dual role, TAs and known cover staff will also lead some sessions with classes.

PE days will be:

  • Reception – Fridays
  • Year 1 – Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Year 2 – Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Year 3 – Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Year 4 – Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Year 5 – Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Year 6 – Thursdays & Fridays

Requirements for self-isolation if your child or anyone in your household shows coronavirus symptoms and/or receives a positive result remain as per the government guidelines.  Please continue to let us know if this is the case and to keep us updated.

We look forward to seeing you from 4th!  If your attendance requirements change, please let us know.



Class teachers will be setting work for the children to complete at home every day, which will be posted on the school website   This will be linked to the learning that the children are also undertaking in school and is from their usual planned year group curriculum.  Children will also continue to be set their online learning at MyMaths / Spelling Shed / Rockstars etc as applicable to their class.  We will text for the first couple of days to remind you to check online but work will be put on daily so please check in each day – please see further info below about timings for this.  We are also intending to put some “keep in touch” sessions in place for the children and will let you have more details about these in due course.

We do appreciate that these are difficult times and we know that many of our parents also have their own work and other caring commitments which means that home learning can be very difficult to undertake.  However, we do ask that all our children undertake some learning each day in order that they can continue to make progress and so that they will be able to resume their learning in school at the appropriate level alongside their classmates when they do return.

We also know that not all of our children have easy access to technology.  If you would prefer paper copies of the learning your child needs to undertake please let us know.  If you would like exercise books or other resources to support recording learning, again please let us know.

Learning should be returned once completed to your child’s teacher via the class email address or paper copies returned when your child comes back to school or dropped off to the office in the interim.

Learning that is returned by email will be reviewed and assessed to see how well your child has understood it and feedback given; class teachers will also use this to then inform their planning for the next day’s lesson and future sessions, particularly in Maths & English.  Because this assessment and subsequent provision updates will take place alongside your teacher’s in-class commitments it will usually be late evening or before school the next morning when the new home learning tasks are made available for each day.  We will, however, get them on there as soon as we can as we know this is helpful to parents in planning their day.

Please do contact your child’s class teacher via the class email address if you have any queries about home learning.

Take care and please do keep in touch even if you or your child just want to say “hello” or to pass on some news – we enjoy hearing from you all!  We hope to be able to welcome you back to school soon.